Management Simulation

In management games, players learn the mechanics of the game, they may figure out optimal strategies or "meta" tactics to exploit the economy and accrue massive in-game wealth or resources in a short period of time. While this can provide a temporary boost to the player's progress, it can also destabilize the game economy and reduce the overall challenge, potentially lessening the enjoyment over the long term.

Moreover, the unpredictability of AI embedded NPCs can add a level of uncertainty and realism to the game. Just like in real-world economies, unpredictable events can happen, markets can suddenly shift, and new opportunities or challenges can arise. NPCs can simulate these economic dynamics in the game, presenting players with a series of novel scenarios that require strategic thinking and planning.

To mitigate this issue, the game's algorithms can be designed to continuously evolve in response to player actions. The NPCs play a pivotal role here. Their behaviours and responses can be programmed to adapt and change, based on the players' actions and strategies, making it harder for players to exploit the economy consistently. This can maintain the game's difficulty and keep the economy balanced, ensuring a fun, engaging, and challenging experience for players.

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