The PLAI Token

The Plasm AI Tokens (PLAI) power the platform and facilitate access to the broader project ecosystem.


We want to onboard web2 into web3 through AI and gaming. We position ourselves between web2 and web3 by working with both types of companies. We achieve this by positioning ourselves as a saas company which uses traditional payment methods while also strategically exposing ourselves to web3. This is achieved with a governance token and through stablecoin implementations.

One way to reward holders of our governance token will be the redistribution of profits or the buyback and burning of our governance token.

The Use Case of our governance token:

Companies who share their in game data to help train our LLM will be rewarded in governance tokens. Having access to these tokens they can get access to a special tier that only token holders have access to. This will incentivise game developers to help us train an LLM designed for gaming and in-game stories. This would be the first Proof of data issuance token in the world. Instead of Proof of work or Proof of stake we would issue tokens on data.

The token can also determine the following,

  • How much of the revenue is used to burn the token

  • How much it should be paid out to token holders (think of dividends).

Proof of data:

This new concept of token mining will allow us to receive useful game data to optimize our LLM. It would also create a highly sought after governance token as it would be scarce and game developers would want to have to gain access to the special perks. These perks can include AGI NPC’s, higher quality responses from AI, top tier voices and more.

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