Real-Time Strategy

Real-Time Strategy games (Age of Empires, Settlers, Starcraft II) are a perfect showcase for the power of AI, where it's often employed to control large-scale armies, manage resources, and execute strategic manoeuvres. Traditionally, these games have relied on pre-programmed AI that, while effective, can sometimes become predictable, with the same strategies being used repeatedly, despite a few games that have incredible depth. With the implementation of PLASM AI, these shortcomings can be addressed, enhancing the complexity and dynamism of gameplay.

A critical aspect of strategy is adaptability. PLASM AI would enable NPCs to not just respond to the player's actions in real-time, but also learn from these interactions. For example, if a player consistently uses a specific type of unit or employs a particular strategy, the AI could adapt its own tactics to counter these moves effectively. This could involve creating units that are strong against the player's preferred type, fortifying areas that are frequently targeted, or even preemptively striking critical locations.

The application of PLASM AI could also introduce a new level of unpredictability in RTS games. Instead of AI following the same strategies or falling into repetitive patterns, every match could unfold differently. This unpredictability, driven by the AI's ability to learn and adapt, would keep the players constantly on their toes, making the game more challenging and engaging.

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